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Website Maintenance, Hosting & Support

Our Website maintenance team lifts the heavy burden from you and make your website function seamlessly. We carry out the background work, giving you time to work on things that require your interrupted attention.

We find that most of our clients are relieved that we offer Website maintenance, hosting and support for their website in contrary to other agencies who will drop everything in their lap once the site is launched.

Business owners and marketing directors really shouldn’t have to waste their precious time dealing with overseas hosting support, slow/cheap inefficient hosting and maintaining all their plugin, theme and core updates themselves. They want to spend their time focusing on bringing in sales, running their operations, and maintaining their business.

At The Mich Studios, we not only provide affordable and quality Web development, hosting & support— Our team will do all the dirty work behind the scenes of installing the plugins and functionality you may need for your new site and then maintain all of it to keep your site running smooth and secure.

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Can I do WordPress Development myself?

Absolutely. We encourage you to learn WordPress and be comfortable updating your site if you have the time and resources. Depending on your install, we will work with you one-on-one and train you via video conferencing. You’ll be able to setup your account, add blog posts and articles, format your text and more.

Our clients are always amazed at how easy WordPress is to use, and how much is at your fingertips in terms of free plugins and software from developers with great ratings and support.

We strive to make our customers feel confident about using their website and posting articles and blog entries themselves. When asked, we will help new users or admins get started by walking them through a series of brief, novice WordPress tasks such as posting an article or blog post—there is nothing to fear!

WordPress is a very robust and flexible website CMS system, and although it’s used by millions of sites, it’s a software that takes up a lot of resources and needs to be maintained regularly.

No matter your industry, a WordPress website needs adequate hosting to run smoothly. WordPress updates will need to be periodically updated to avoid security vulnerabilities and to get new features.